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Choose the Best Home Remolding Contractor in Plano

Have you been considering remodeling your home in Plano? A little bit of legwork is needed to choose the best home remodeling contractor in Plano. Following these easy steps can be the difference in a job correctly done or a costly mistake.

Ask Around for Referrals

One of the best possible ways of finding a home remodeling contractor, is word of mouth. Ask friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers whom they may have had an experience with that was good. Ask them what exactly made the experience positive, how the Plano home remodel contractor handled any problems that had arisen, and would they use this contractor again.

Look at the Contractors Credentials

After you have recommendations, do some research either on the phone, or online at their website. Check to see whether or not they have all licenses that are required from local and state municipalities. Do they have any designations from any associations that are professional such as National Association of Homebuilders, or National Kitchen and Bath Association?

Interview Potential Candidates

Narrow your list of candidates and set up some interviews. Try to keep the list at only three Plano contractors. If there are more, things tend to become confusing. The way these questions are answered by these contractors, is important. The right candidate will ask you several questions, too.

Reference Check

Ask these Plano home remodel contractors to see some of their projects. If you approve at what you see, ask for references and contact former clients of the contractor to inquire about them. Ask these clients how these projects were executed by the contractor. Were they on budget and time? Were they happy with the finished outcome? Do they think there was something that could have been taken care of differently?

Keep in mind, hiring a professional contractor means you are not buying a product, but a service. The services quality determines the finished projects quality. Here are some questions to ask and things to explore when interviewing a Plano home remodeling contractor.

Does the Home Remodeler:

Keep a permanent address for mailing, and e-mail? Phone number, fax number, voicemail, and cell phone?
Carries insurance that protects the homeowner from liability? Ask to see copies to make sure. Ask how much value will be added to your home by this project being done?
Have a presence established in the community? How long have they been in business? Do they have solid relationships with electricians and plumbers and work as a team with them?

Receive Everything in Writing

After you have chosen what contractor to use, look at all the documents they have prepared. Do the documents look professional? Does the contract seem balanced and fair? Make sure your agreement includes:

Payment schedule and bid price
Specifics about the work scope
Clause for change-order
Express limited warranty
Dispute resolution clause
Close-out procedural list
Site plan
Waiver of lien, this prevents any liens put on your home by suppliers and subcontractor if they do not get paid

If all of this looks good, sign with confidence with the Plano home remodeling contractor.

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