Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial roofing requires unique building materials that are used to defend and seal the top of commercial structures and averts rain and other precipitation from coming into the building. Commercial roofing normally has a comparatively flat slope, as contrasting to residential roofing, which is usually steeply sloped. There are several materials used to make commercial roofing systems, and has its own advantages and drawbacks that should be considered.

In older times, several commercial roofs were built by using shingles, which are overlapping segments of material laid in rows to help enhance runoff. Shingles can be made from variety of materials, including slate, asphalt, wood or clay. Asphalt shingles are sheltered with a bituminous coating and are one of the affordable and most effective shingle options, though they require a good deal of maintenance, and do not last so long as compared to other materials.

Shingles made from ceramic tiles or clay is popular in regions with a warm climate, as these materials help to resist sunlight and keep the construction cool. They are fairly pricey, but usually last for many years and offer a unique style. Wood shingles made from pine or cedar is used for chiefly for their appearance, and is usually costly and subject to mold and insect harm. Slate shingles are manufactured from thin layers of rock, and are one of the most expensive shingle materials available. They are very durable and strong, and may last well over 100 yrs upon installation.

For a more economical and reliable choice for commercial roofing systems in Dallas, Plano, Richardson and Garland, consider metal roofing. Metal roofing is lightweight, cost-effective and allows simple support structures to be used. It is famous for its flexibility, and can be bent or curved as per the requirement on peculiarly shaped structures. This material is swift and easy to install, and can last for almost 50 yrs. It is made from steel, copper, metal alloys or aluminum and helps keeping the building residents cool by reflecting heat and sunlight.

Membrane roofing system is one of the most effective kinds of commercial roofing. These roofs are made of sheets of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or rubber that are bonded at the seams. Heat welder is being used by the installers to form these bonds, efficiently creating a single sheet of material that is impassable to leaks. This kind of roofing is unbelievably durable and lightweight, and reflects sunlight due to its light-colored finishing. Though it is a comparatively fresh product, it is among the most reasonably priced types of commercial roofing, and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular products on the industry.