Hot Roof – Garland

While most attic spaces in Garland are insulated with cellulose or fiberglass insulation, there is a comparatively new product that provides better performance i.e. Hot Roof.  It is also referred to as Spray form. Hot Roof is the best way to insulate homes, particularly old one and a half story houses.

Conventional attic spaces have insulated floors and are well-ventilated.  Air enters in at the soffits and escapes at the top of the roof, creating a chilly/cold attic space.  This helps to avert ice dams, keeps the roof cool in the summer which helps to extend the life of the shingles, and may help to avert the accrual of condensation.  Hot Roof attics have foam applied directly to the roof sheathing, and the attic space is not ventilated.  The lack of airing is why we call them hot roofs.

Researches have shown that color differences in shingles will in fact have a larger impact on the temperature of roofs than the variation between a ventilated and a Hot roof.  A ‘hot’ roof will usually only be a couple degrees warmer as compared to that of ventilated roof.

Hot roofs in Garland have a comparatively higher insulating value (R-Value) than anything else.  Sprayed Polyurethane foam insulation has 6.8 per inch of R-Value, whereas fiberglass batt insulation is about half of that.

Foam insulation also makes for an ideal seal – no air leakage, no gaps, no attic bypasses.  If ductwork is positioned in the attic space it would not need to be insulate, eliminating energy loss here, which can account for up to 10% loss of energy.

Our houses are the places where we get comfort, solace, peace, relaxation, warmth, affection and finally an abode where we feel the maximum safety. It’s like the lap of a mother for a child. Here, the things have significantly mentioned especially referring to the roofs of our houses which protect us as if an unborn child is protected and nourished in a mother’s womb. The hot roofs in the chilly winter protect us from the sheer cold which is unbearable, intolerable and its very exposure is dangerous enough to harm us badly but thanks to hot roof coming as a protector and providing us an affectionate shelter.