If you know your home well, it’s time to know your Contractor, too

Way back in the turbulent eighties the Bolanz’s knew how significant a roof is above anybody’s head. Initially located at 605 S. Sherman Street in Richardson, Texas, the company was later shifted to 526 N, Interurban St in the neighborhood. Apart from his multi-faceted personality which made him delve deep into varied professional careers covering electro-mechanical engineering to civil contracting, he also inherited his grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit as a bonus. His grandfather happens to be a pioneer in the field of insurance and real estate business in Dallas since 1873.

Being quite a popular personality in his trade, we had extensive involvement with several trading associations that included North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) and the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). As a matter of fact, we had served as a key official on the board of Directors for both the organizations. Being provided with Texas State Property/Casualty Adjustor’s license has emboldened us in progressing further in his roofing business.

Waterview Construction Company is a household name Texas, renowned for faultless re-roofing work and contributing industry standard goods and materials for his clients. This has resulted from our foresight in procuring all materials direct from distributors. For instance, most of his roofing components come straight from reputed manufacturers like the Atlas Roofing Corporation, Owens Corning, Bitec, Inc, Certainteed Gaf and others. The company is also known for its Roof Preventive Maintenance contracts that guarantees protection for all seasons.

Waterview Construction and our associates always seem to be eager to solve people’s practical needs. Inadequately fabricated roofs and flashings, they observed, were primarily responsible for water and precipitation to enter into cozy rooms, spoiling their ambience thoroughly. Soon well-designed all-weather roofs and flashings installed by our company solved this problem. Chimney Caps became the talk of the town. Yet another convenience product installed by Waterview Construction Company consists of roof skylights. Their skylights provide the additional lighting in most Texas homes and offices today. Studies have recently revealed that natural light coming from skylights not only encourage concentration but also raises spirit, hikes productivity and helps healing of wounds faster. No wonder skylights are so adored by most Texans.

These qualities have no doubt brought Waterview Construction Company into the limelight for several years running now.