A new fence adds security and “alley appeal”

Every new home comes with a fence and many home owners choose the standard slat fence when choosing upgrades. Over time, and particularly after the hard Texas storms, your fence will get dirty, start breaking, become home to bugs and generally start falling apart. When it’s time to replace your fence, consider something above the standard. Pressure treated wood will last much longer and prevent pests from making their home in your fence and a stylish fence design will give your back yard a unique look.

The primary purpose of a fence is practical: Set boundaries and keep certain things in and others out of your yard. A fence should also be part of your home and connect with the design and style you put into everything else. There are limitless materials, colors and styles you can choose from, so why not take a bit of time and make your fence your own.

When the warm weather hits, your pets just like you, do not want to be left inside. They want to go out and explore the world around them. However, you also want to make sure that they stay in the yard. This is why having Garland fencing repair and replacement is the best way to go when the fence in your yard is not up to standards. You need to make sure that your pets are not going to go anywhere if you put them outside and with the best fence for the job, you can make sure that this is something that does not happen when the time comes.

fence installation

Consider the Fence

When it comes time to consider the fence that is in your yard, you have to think about the material it is made from. You might not be able to fix certain fences so easily. Wooden fences are one of the easiest types to fix since they are just wooden pickets that can be removed and then replaced with new ones that match the rest of the fence. Additionally, you have to consider whether or not you might need an entire fence replacement.

With Garland fencing repair and replacement, you can make sure to have a professional come out and take a look at it and provide you with their recommendation. If the wooden fence was installed too close to the ground, this can also lead to rotting wood at the bottom. This is going to be a problem since it will seep into the rest of the wood throughout the pickets causing the entire fence to rot and fall down.

This is not how you want your fence to look, and if you have larger animals such as dogs, they’re going to be able to break right through it.

Vinyl is a bit harder to repair, since you’d have to replace the entire panel that is broken or has an issue. However, if the rest of a vinyl fence is in the best condition then it might be easier to have this repaired, instead of having the entire fence replaced. This depends on the condition of the rest of the fence though, so you should speak with a professional about it.

Chain link fences are generally affordable to replace the entire fence. You can put one up and have it look the best that it possibly can or you can have small sections easily repaired. They are also not usually privacy fences, so they cost a lot less than the other options on the market. Repairing or replacing them is generally up to the owner, since either one would be affordable.

Speak with us here to find out how we can come out and provide you with the Garland fencing repair and replacements you’re in need of. We feel strongly about the fencing work that we do and want to make sure that you can let your pets out in the nice weather so that they’re able to get more out of the life that they live. Call us today to learn more!