Shingles, Slate, Tiles or Metal – Our roofers in Irving are there for you:

The selection and setting up of roofs and roofing materials need skilled and experienced roofers to make sure that the project is completed as per your expectations. In Irving, the Waterview Construction Company is an established, reputed and renowned company from where the procurement of roofers & roofing contractors can be safely made.

Though the roof is the most important part of a house, as far as its protection is concerned yet people go on spending more on the interiors of a house rather than on the roof just to make their house more attractive. But a wiser would never neglect the durability as well as beautifying of the roof is concerned. Highly qualified and professional roofers in Irving with Waterview Construction Company, ensures that roofs of your homes are mended and installed in such a way that they last for years together. In addition to this, they also make sure that sturdy, safe, leak-free and protected roof should be installed on to your home. For all your roofing needs, either it be repair, renovation or an addition, roofers from Waterview Construction Company are there to add value to service & cost and can assist with all significant project for your business or home concerning roofs in Irving .

We understand that each and every roof type has its own unique problem that has to be tackled delicately and effectively, and for this roofers of Waterview Construction Company are best to approach as they are efficient in roof maintenance systems, can effectually repair old roofs and install new ones.

We understand the value of hard earned money so provide you with the best possible economical roofing solutions. Even if roof of your home has a minor problem, you should get that repaired immediately because ignoring this can be risky and unsafe. Also, it might be particularly costly to fix such problems when they are neglected and become worse. A proficient Irving roofer of Waterview Construction Company can examine your house roof, and tells you the accurate condition, potential problems and affordable solutions for your roof.

The exterior of your home, mainly the roofs and gutters, have to resist callous weather condition year after year. It is likely that the gutters require cleaning, painting, replacement or repair and roof also needs some attention. Fortunate for you, competent roofers in Irving are available at your doorstep to diagnose and examine gutter/roofing problems and provide you with the cost effective solutions.

After thorough examining of the roofs/gutters, our expert roofers can take you through a variety of available options, from which you can easily choose as per your requirement and budget.

Hail can do a number on any roof, wherever you are, whenever it happens. This can be a problem if the hail has done damage to your Irving home’s roof. You should address the problems sooner, rather than later to ensure that it is fixed completely prior to having something much bigger happen to the roof that is supposed to protect you, your family and the entire structure of the home.

Here is a checklist to go over for when the hail comes down, ruins the roof and you need to have it repaired. Even if you are unsure of whether or not the hail has done damage, it is better to call a professional over to do an inspection then worry about the damage becoming worse with time.

Hail Damage Checklist

  • Spatter marks on the roof are a strong indication of having hail hit there. However, not everywhere that you see a spatter mark is somewhere that you should be concerned about. It might have hit there, but might not have made any damage at all. Take a peek at each spatter mark – under it and around it.
  • Make sure to check the gutters and downspouts around your home. This is to ensure that they have not been knocked down or cracked in certain areas. This is because you can actually ruin your roof by not having the gutters fixed. There might also be dents throughout the gutters that should be taken care of. You do not want to find that they punctured the gutters and made holes.
  • Check for puncture marks and dents on top of the roof. This is because you want to ensure that there are no holes or places that could turn into holes later on. You want to have these areas covered and fixed before the small problem becomes a large one. The dents are usually sporadic around the roof and not in large clusters.
  • Always check for leaks inside the home. You would think that the first place to look is on the outside, but this is not always correct. You want to ensure that you check the inside of the home for these leaks as well. Make sure to check the ceilings and walls.

At times, your home owners insurance policy may be able to cover the costs associated with fixing the hail damage that you have on your roof. You should contact your insurance company to find out more about what is and is not covered under your home owners policy.

When the time comes to fix these problems, make sure to speak with us here. We are a professional Irving roofing company that is able to provide you with high quality services and products to make sure that your roof looks as good as new. You shouldn’t have to wait any longer to fix those small problems before they turn into large ones. We are here to help when you need us! Just give us a call!