Skylight Addition

Skylights add something to a home or business that’s hard to describe. We all prefer the natural light that a skylight will bring to you home, office or ware house. In addition our custom made skylights save on energy costs that can quickly offset the cost of installation.



The North Texas area gets sun pretty much all year round and a skylight in your kitchen, bedroom or living room is a great way to allow that natural light into your home. Skylights are inexpensive to install and you can can take comfort that your skylights will be installed correctly thanks to our 34+ years of experience. Whether you want a kitchen skylight, a retractable skylight or any other variation, Waterview Construction Company in Garland is who you need to call for a free estimate.

Commercial Skylights

Waterview Construction Company also installs skylights in warehouses, offices, and other commercial buildings. Enhance your commercial property and save on energy costs with efficient skylights that let natural light replace costly electric bulbs during the day.


Call today for a free quote. our professional skylight contractors are ready to meet you at your home or business in Garland, Plano, Allen, Denton and just about anywhere else in North Texas. Call 972-412-8986 today to talk to one of our representatives about the benefits including cost savings of efficient and beautiful skylights for your home or business.

Having a skylight in a home is a beautiful addition that just about anyone is able to do. Some people might already have a skylight, but perhaps it is in need of repair before anything bad happens to it in the near future. Having any problems that come up fixed as soon as possible can ensure that larger problems do not happen such as having a weak spot in your roof that could collapse or water damage to the ceiling, which makes the integrity of the roof and the foundation of the home questionable. Be prepared and know that fixing this problem can save you time and money in the future.

However, if you are looking to add a new skylight to the roof that you own, being able to understand the many different types that are available can help you make a good decision. Each type of skylight provides a unique feature that can match the home that you own, along with the tastes that you have.

Move forward and learn more about hiring us for all of your skylight needs and know that you have a reputable, beautiful skylight that provides the sunshine and fresh air you’re in need of.

Making Your Skylight Choice

When it comes to choosing the best skylight for your home, you have to consider where it is going to go. You may want to provide a shine of light in the dining room, bathroom or other area where light would make you feel comfortable. This is one of the benefits. You do not have to use artificial light to eat your meals or cook them. You can provide a nice shine through the bathroom without having to worry about being seen by neighbors.

Consider the size of the skylight. You might not want something too large, or too small for the area that it is going in. If you are unsure of what might be the best fit, ask us and we can help you determine the right size that is able to comfortably fit in the area, but look as good as ever.

You have two kinds of skylights that provide different benefits. These two types are a fixed skylight that just provides the rays of light inside the home, not the air since it is not able to be opened and closed. You can also go with a skylight that provides you with a way to access the outside world through a crank. This is opened and closed easily, but cannot be opened from the outside. It provides a way to get fresh air into the home or act as a vent if needed. So they are secure, but also can provide a way to vent the area and get fresh air within having to use power to turn on a fan in the bathroom or kitchen. This will save money in the long run in your energy bills.

Once again, if you already have a skylight and it is leaking water or you find water spots around it then you should have that looked at as soon as possible. This can cause many problems. This might be because it was not installed correctly or because the roof is in need of repair – both of which, we are able to do. However, ignoring the problem will only make it worse so make sure to get someone in there to assess the damage and have it fixed.

Our Skylight Process

Deciding on a skylight to put in your home is tedious, but with us behind you, we are able to help as much as possible. We want you to be happy with your choice. We sell only high quality skylights with many different options and features. Not only that, but we are also able to install the skylight correctly the first time so you do not have to worry about leaks or further problems happening in the near future.

We will come in and assess the area that you want to have the skylight put in. We will make sure the new skylight is going to fit in the area. We will have to cut a hole through the roof that goes into the home in order to install the new skylight. This is all written down on a contract, along with the estimated time it is going to take and the price for both the labor and materials. You can make a decision on whether or not this is something that you want to do, or if you would rather wait. We will not start work until you give us the go ahead. We are a professional company that knows that you need time, you need to make a decision and you might need additional information along the way. We are here to help with all of that and so much more.

If you need your skylight fixed, we will bring supplies but we will also assess the situation and let you know the next step. Sometimes the whole fixture will have to be replaced which can cost more time and money, but it can be beneficial compared to the costs and time associated with the fixes of what might happen if it is not replaced. This all depends on the condition and age of the current skylight and the problems it is currently experiencing.

Once you’ve had a minute to take a peak at all that is available, the many benefits that you will get, as well as the process that will be done – it is time to hire a company to get the job done. We are able to provide you with the beautiful skylight that you need. Each skylight that we install is installed correctly and provides exactly what the home owner wants and needs in their home. We provide services in the Frisco, Richardson, Garland, McKinney and surrounding areas. Feel free to give us a call with any and all of the skylight questions you have. That is what we are here for and would love to give you more information concerning skylights being installed or repaired in your home.