Prevent Hail Damage in Dallas

Go for Impact Resistant Roofing Shingles to reduce Hail Damage

Apart from cattle, cowboys, wide-open spaces and oil, Texas is also well known for severe hail storms that occur routinely every year and cause millions of dollars in terms of insurance losses. Socially supportive and philanthropically minded founder President of Waterview Construction Company of Garland, Texas tells you how to save yourself from these costly hail damages.”Virtually eliminate your exposure to hail storm damage”, he advises,” with impact resistant roofing”. “You need to know more about impact resistant roofing”, “because this will save you money on your Homeowner’s insurance premium in a big way”.

However, here is a listing of some of the extremely expensive hail storms/hurricanes that had hit Texas during 1950 -2003 period with devastating results.

Texas weather can be tough. The North Central Texas Council of Governments suggests that “Over the next 30 years, the North Central Texas region will be hit by more than 200 tornadoes, more than 2000 hail events, more than 100 significant wind storms…” This is a brief summary…See an executive summary of potential Texas hazards at:

Below is information from the North Central Texas Council of Governments Web site about storm damage in Texas.

Top 10 Costliest Texas Storms (1950-2003)
$3.5 billion Tropical Storm Allison June 6, 2001 Houston
$1.1 billion Hail Storm May 5, 1995 North Texas
$885 million Hail Storm April 5, 2003 North Texas
$795 million Hurrican Alicia August 18, 2983 Galveston
$750 million Hail Storm April 28, 1992 Fort Worth-Waco
$445 million Tornado March 28, 2000 Fort Worth
$425 million Hail Storm April 28, 1995 DFW Airport
$400 million Tornado/Hail Storm April 24, 1994 Lancaster.Desoto
$310 million Hurricane Celia August 3, 1970 Corpus Christi
$291 million Flooding October 1994 SE Texas

Hail losses are indeed horrors to homeowners as also to the insurers who cover their homes. In fact, nobody gains out of it except some storm chasing so called roofers and opportunists who make quick bucks by hoodwinking homeowners and insurance agents alike.

State Farm Insurance is the largest insurer of homes in Texas. State Farm has a very strong interest in the development of impact resistant roofing which can save State Farm and their policy holders large sums.Check out this information. It is eye-opening and quite interesting. And remember, when the article mentions “there are parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and nebraska where hailstorms average six strikes a year or more.”…They are talking about Tarrant County!

“There is nothing we can do to stop hail”, “We can only show you viable options that can minimize exposure to hail damage”, he adds. As a matter of fact, it involves the use of a new brand of roofing products that are labeled Impact Resistant Roofing which not only protects homeowners from frequent hail damages but also helps reduce homeowner’s policy by up to 35% or more. By installing impact resistant roofing, homeowners will be saving millions of dollars on one hand while the insurers will be saving on payouts aggregating colossal amounts of money.’ Impact resistant roofing’, ‘is the way of the future’.

If we look at the problem dispassionately, we are sure to find that even though the insurance company pays the lion’s share of the loss, the individual homeowner still shares the loss by contributing the value of the deductibles which finally pays for the replacement of the damaged roof. By installing impact resistant roofing, homeowners can go for higher deductibles, which in turn will help reduce the premium that average homeowners are currently paying. This, as everyone can see, is a sizable saving for most homeowners, especially those that have to deal with multiple disasters.

However, for those who are not quite familiar with Impact Resistant Roofing shingles it may suffice to say that these new materials do not look any different when compared to their ordinary counterparts.

However, strength wise they are far superior in built and material value. In fact, these new roofing shingles can withstand an avalanche of hails hitting them with a tornado like force. To be recognized and accepted as impact resistant roofing in Texas, the material or product must meet the state Underwriters Laboratory testing criteria under specified UL-2218 formulation. The materials are subsequently subdivided into 4 distinct categories or classes, such as Class-1, Class-2, Class-3 and Class-4, of which the last category is considered the best. “Don’t wait for the next hail storm to hit you with tornado like fury”

“Because that may be too late for you.