Roof Ventilation in Dallas

Your attic is great for storing seasonal decorations and other storage, but it can become a source of issues if it doesn’t have proper ventilation of if the installations systems in your attic become damaged. A lot of home owners aren’t even aware that their attics need ventilation and almost no one thinks about it until it’s causing a problem.

The biggest issue with a lack of ventilation is moisture build up. Mold and mildew will start to grow everywhere. Over time, moisture builds up in your attic from storms, summer humidity, small leaks in your roof. Small and unnoticeable for a while but once you start to smell or see it then you probably have a pretty big clean up project on your hands. Often the blower for yoru HVAC unit si in the attic and if there are any leaks in that system the mold can spread throughout your entire home undetected. It’s not only unpleasant to small, but mold can cause health issues so it’s vital that you maintain a clean and ventilated attic.

Moisture in your attic can warp and weaken your roof structure from the inside. The exterior of your roof is designed to withstand rain and the elements, but the inside is vulnerable to the effects of high moisture. This is another issue that starts very slowly and by the time it is noticeable it’s probably a much larger issue than you are ready for. In extreme cases the structural damage is so great that you need to completely replace sections of your roof support structure which is an expensive endeavor.

Lack of ventilation also increases your cooling costs. Properly functioning ventilation is designed to release moisture and heat from your home in the summer. If heat is trapped in your attic then it will make your AC unit work harder to cool your home.

A quick and easy attic and roof inspection could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in future repairs. Call us today for a free estimate and have us inspect your ohme for any potential issues or damage.